Sex on the Wrong Side of Fifty

It is well-known that potency depends on age regardless of generic Cialis intake. After fifty, according to nature's laws, an organism starts undergoing the age-related changes: the cells are not so quickly renovated and production of sexual hormones decreases. Sexual desire is still high, but its realization requires more efforts. Besides, various frustrations are possible. Men after 50 wait for this age-related period with deep seated misgiving.

Failures and frustrations in bed depend on many factors: physiological, psychological, as well as purely technical (i.e. time and place). Sexologists have long stated that men have fiasco while sex and start to buy Cialis generic due to the following causes:
  • Piled-up fatigue, mishaps at work, constant discomfort at home;
  • Severe stress and depression inhibit desire and male possibilities;
  • Excessive wish of a man to impress his partner with his potential strength;
  • First sexual experience. Young man feels like he passes a test and is afraid of failing it if he has sex with an experienced woman.
  • Misuse of alcohol or medications, such as Cialis generic before sexual intercourse.
  • Various latent inferiority complexes, superfluous haste while having sex, fear of someone entering at the midpoint

Weak erection at young age does not always mean that a man should buy generic Cialis and consult a specialist. But in case of frequent failures and erection absence among 50-year-old men, they have to pass an examination and undergo a serious treatment course. But instead many of them try to self-medicate, use folk medicines and take their friends’ advice.

It is not uncommon that men do not think of their troubles, especially when their partner is unexacting and puts up with erection absence. In case a woman expresses her discontent, she must act very delicately, since the problem won’t disappear spontaneously. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction