Prematurely Gray and Alopecia: Are They Natural for Male Organism?

Appearance of streaks of gray or alopecia is explained mainly by hereditary background. Scientists cannot influence this condition and ed pills either. The process is exacerbated and accelerated by lack of vitamins, minerals, incorrect dietary regimen, exhaustion, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol, and stresses. Hair thinning and greyness first of all make one think of age-related changes, but as practice shows, old age is not always a symptom of their occurrence. Well-timed organism examination and therapy of head skin apart from blue pills intake will help to slow down the process of hair loss and keep the color for longer time.

Testosterone is traditionally blamed for early hair loss. But the point is not in the quantity of testosterone. It doesn’t affect alopecia, since in this regard it is biologically low-active. Cialis pills can increase its activity considerably. But under the impact of special reductase enzyme, this hormone turns into active form and transforms into dihydrotestosterone. In this form, it penetrates into hair follicles and causes hair dystrophy and is not caused by Cialis pill administration. This reaction is inherited genetically and it is impossible to impact on this process. But this is not the only cause of hair loss.

In a number of cases, alopecia is a consequence of severe impairments in organism and stress. Problems with hair and head skin are often an external manifestation of serious diseases. Chronic severe disorders, such as oncology, diabetes, thyroid body impairments, metabolic disorders, lack or excess of microelements or blue pill intake. These factors leave “plain” trace on male head. As for grayness, if it occurred at early age – it is possible to talk of anemia, diabetes, hepatic, thyroid body, or gastro-intestinal tract disorders. If you came across these issues, immediate medical attendance is required. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction