Pain during Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is generally prescribed as a therapeutic measure for prostatitis apart from Viagra drug. This procedure must be conducted by qualified specialist only, since incorrect actions may have a disastrous impact on patient’s health.

In order to understand why a patient experiences pain during massage, it is important to know the form of prostatitis (chronic or bacterial forms cause considerably increased size of prostatic gland, for instance and result in sensitive pain syndrome during milking or after drugs that cause ed). Also, pain during massage may be caused by psychological barriers of a man due to which pelvic muscles are spasmodic. If this is a source of discomfort, a patient needs to relax muscles of abdomen, back and buttocks.

Light massaging impact on prostatic gland helps to relieve tension of its nervous endings and decrease the occurrence of pain painful process with or without ed drugs. During prostate milking, a patient should remember that a correctly performed procedure with due regard to all patient’s contraindications will not cause any pain.

Therefore, in case of any unbearable pain or improper generic ed drugs, a patient has to inform his attending doctor. If a doctor claims that these signs are normal, it is essential to consult another specialist promptly, show him all analyses and find out the cause of pain.

Also, severe pains or discomfort with or without Cialis drug shouldn’t be tolerated if after second-third session a patient won’t appear to have positive dynamics. Such massage will unlikely be useful for health, and a patient is recommended refusing it. In this case (if you refuse massage and cannot have sexual intercourse), it is better to stimulate penis by natural means regularly in order to ensure deflux of seminal fluid from inflamed organ. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction