Orgasm Decreases Risk of Prostate Cancer

There is likely no man on earth who would not know of orgasm benefits and best ed supplements. Every man has wondered at least once in his life of how many orgasms he should experience in order to keep his health in norm. This question is well responded by research group treating ed from medical school in Harvard. During the course of their trials, they exposed that regular ejaculation (no less than 21 times a month) with or without injections for ed decreased risk of prostate cancer occurrence by 22 per cent.

Moreover, scientists focused on importance of ejaculation itself. There is no difference in how it was caused: during sex with ed remedies, because of night-time emission or masturbation. It is considered that emission of seminal fluid regardless of natural ed treatments allows organism to get rid of carcinogens which may be formed in prostatic gland if a man hasn’t experienced ejaculation with herbal ed treatment for a long time. Thus, frequency of ejaculation may decrease or increase the probability of prostate cancer occurrence. The oftener a man has ejaculation and orgasm apart from cures for ed, the lower are his chances to acquire this horrible disease.

Back in 2003, the community of American urologists announced that in case of absence of regular sexual life, masturbation (along with herbs for ed) is nearly a sole efficient prophylactic method for prevention from occurrence and development of congestion prostatitis. Then in 2008, a group of Australian scholars found out that among all factors preventing from prostate cancer development, masturbation is one of the most effective unless one counts herbal remedies for ed.

All in all, in order to considerably decrease the risk of prostate cancer occurrence, a man should experience orgasm with ejaculation regularly, even by means of muse ed or artificial stimulation of sexual intercourse. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction