Inverted testis

This condition is quite frequent in adolescence life, whereas adults experience it much rarer than appendagitis or diabetes and ED. But when pain takes place, all possibilities should be taken into account. Do not display unnecessary heroism, such as delay consultation by a specialist and home natural ED treatment, since inverted testis undergoes necrosis in several days.

Why does it happen? Does it require natural ED treatment? Testicles get formed of the same primitive tissue deep inside abdominal cavity of fetus. In case of girl development, ovarium stays right where it was made, whereas boys’ testicles go down to scrotum gradually (in order to cool down better, since semen dies with body temperature, and thus men with undescended testicle becomes infertile regardless of supplements for ED application). Each testis hangs on the so-called spermatic cord which includes arteries, veins, nerves and seminal duct tube as well. This construction allows a testicle to go back and forth or even turn around. But sometimes it may take a too large angle and remain in this position.

The causes of this condition are unknown for ED medicine practice. Physical activity has nothing to do with it, since generally inversion happens asleep. Cold weather somehow raises up risk, meaning that contraction of local muscles may play a particular role in this matter. Frequency of this disorder decreases after 30 years (loss of tissues elasticity coming with age).

Typical inversion makes its presence felt with troublesome pain mainly accompanied by vomit. There is no person who could delay visit to a doctor. But unfortunately, in one third of cases acute pain comes not right away, but grows little by little and cannot be relieved by natural remedies for ED. Inverted testis blocks blood stream to testis; therefore, immediate medical attendance is required. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction