How to reduce side effects of Cialis?

1. How to reduce side effects of Cialis?

 Any drug has a number of side effects.  How much they will be expressed, in most cases, depends on the man taking the medication.  A feature of Generic Cialis (Canada) is that the pills help prevent premature ejaculation.

Achieved the effect due to the active substance – tadalafil. In some cases, this is also a side effect - a person becomes difficult to completely complete the sexual act.

 Among other side effects of Cialis from Canada -

 • redness of the face, hands and feet;

 • a runny nose, a condition similar to a cold;

 • Sometimes - pain in the lumbar region (short).

 If the medicine was prescribed by a doctor after the examination - it is worth continuing to drink Cialis Canada.  In most cases, after two weeks of regular taking, side effects will be lost.

 If the pain and runny nose continue to bother - you should again go to the doctor and consult.  The specialist will replace the remedy or point out the mistakes that the man made when taking it.

 Here are some tips to reduce the risk of side effects:

 1. Do not buy Cialis Canada online.  Goods from the Internet do not always correspond to the quality of the claimed product.  80% of them do not have a special certificate.

 2. Do not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor.

 3. Do not take the drug along with medications for heart disease, from erectile dysfunction, alpha-blockers.

 Therefore, in order to safely provide Cialis persistent potency, you should gradually increase the dose of admission and stop at the one in which there are no side effects.

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