How to buy Viagra without a prescription safely

If for some reason a man cannot get an appointment with a doctor, then the question arises, how to buy Viagra without prescription.It can be done online without leaving home, but you need to remember the important rules that will save your life!

Product quality

On the Internet there are many unscrupulous sellers who use the opportunity to sell Viagra without prescription and give the buyer a dangerous for health fake.Such tablets can cause unpredictable reactions of the body, up to the point of death.In order not to become a victim of falsification, when buying a non prescription Viagra, you should:

• Request a product quality certificate and keep a copy of it on your computer.

• Learn about the country of manufacture, active substance and contraindications from an online consultant.If it does not operate on data, this should alert.

• After receiving the medication, make sure that you have all the quality marks on the package.

Do not buy too cheap no prescription Viagra.It is necessary to be guided by the price of the official site-representative.

With what preparations it is impossible to combine

Preparations that contain fluconazole and nitroglycerin are absolutely incompatible with Viagra.Therefore, before you start taking pills for potency, you should make sure that you have not previously taken a medicine for the heart or treatment for mycosis.

That's why taking Viagra no prescription, you need to be ready to take full responsibility for the quality of the drug and for the consequences of taking it.

To get Viagra prescription, you need to see a doctor.He will study the medical history and make a conclusion about whether you can take Viagra.

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