Discharge from Penis

Penis discharge may be either a variant of norm or a symptom of different diseases, regardless of cheapest Cialis 20mg administration. Therefore, it is very important to understand when it is high time to visit a doctor and start therapy.

During the process of sexual intercourse, a man has ejaculation or emission of semen which is turbid white-grey liquid smelling like raw chestnut. Semen includes seminal plasma (secretion of prostatic gland where germ cells produced by testicles are situated). The amount of emitted semen depends on many factors: personal characteristics of organism, health condition, volume of drunk liquid and is not affected by cheapest generic Cialis. In average, there is produced about 5ml of biological liquid during ejaculation. Semen is emitted in teenagers as well and more often during sleep and is called pollution which has nothing to do with cheapest Cialis online. Pollutions may be even in aged man due to long sex refusal or misuse of cheapest Cialis.

Another biological liquid which is normally emitted from penis is libidinal urethrorea, viscous transparent liquid flowing from urinary tract during sexual drive apart from Cialis cheapest price use. This is secretion which is produced by urethral glands. It creates alkaline condition beneficial for semen and makes the introduction of penis easier during coitus. Smegma is another variety of physiological discharges. This is fatty whitish substance from oily secretion of sebacerous gland located in preputium and defunct epithelial cells. Smegma should be daily removed.

Pathological discharge occurs with the following symptoms:

  • Transparent liquid may be a sign of chronic clamidiosis;
  • Half-transparent milk-white liquid may signify aggravation of sexually-transmitted diseases;
  • Dense and sticky yellow-green discharge are characteristic for urethritis venerea;
  • and many others.

You should seek immediate medical attendance in case you noticed unusual discharge from your sexual organ and buy Cialis cheapest. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction