Are addictive pills for potency?

In violation of erection in young people, an unhealthy lifestyle is most often to blame. Smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle: all this leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the small vessels of the male genital organ.

Well, the most basic problem is age. Over time, the amount of testosterone decreases. Against this background, a natural weakening of sexual functions occurs. But don't give up! The first stages of the struggle are to add various sports activities and healthy foods to your life. And the second step is to consult a specialist. Doctors recommend starting with cialis 2.5 mg. This will reduce the risks of side effects and help determine the optimal dose. 20 mg cialis is not recommended for daily use. This dose is used only in case of one-time help with sexual contact.

Be careful, there is cialis 40 mg release. In this case, you will need to divide the tablets into the doses you need. If you have kidney failure, cialis 20 mg is prohibited. It is necessary to significantly reduce the dose, depending on the recommendations of the doctor.

As you can see, everything is in your hands! The main thing is a positive attitude, sedatives, discussion of conflicts and attempts to find compromises! « Back To Erectile Dysfunction