What can cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is associated with a deterioration in blood flow to the pelvic organs. Ed problems are most often associated with psychological problems, stress, the aging process or prolonged absence of sexual intercourse. Therefore, to begin with, it is worthwhile to exclude those that you can influence and exclude.

Ed treatment completely depends on the reasons that caused it. If the causes of erectile dysfunction are psychological problems, send the patient to a psychotherapist. In all other cases, the necessary examinations are prescribed. In the meantime, if you go through them, doctors can recommend special medications to treat impotence or natural ed remedies in the form of special vitamins or to increase certain foods in your daily diet.

Special vitamins will help bring hormones to normal, maintain an erection and strengthen blood vessels. Ed supplements are good for their natural composition, the lack of chemical agents that can cause unwanted adverse reactions in the body. Before taking it, be sure to study the composition and exclude those drugs that may cause your allergy. During the first week of taking such supplements, it is better to be observed by doctors and do not exceed the indicated dosage. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction