Treatment of impotence in advanced form

Erectile dysfunction, with which a man lives for several years, is considered neglected. This type of pathology is much more difficult to treat than a "fresh" problem. Because the more time passes from the beginning of the detection of the first weak problems, the more side diseases join the main diagnosis, and it will be more difficult for doctors to untangle such a tangle. The risk of drug side effects is also increased with treatment.

New treatments

Without a doubt, the main and main method used by doctors to this day is pill treatment. But Viagra, Levitra and cialis side effects are quite common in the later stages of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, many specialists try to use alternative methods of traditional therapy. Among them, the most popular are:

• Ozone therapy;
• Prostate massage;
• Magneto-laser therapy;
• Taking painkillers;
• Vacuum massage;
• Shock wave therapy.

Despite the side effects of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, these pills are the main way to combat sexual dysfunction. They solve the issue of not only normal sexual life, but also the outflow of prostate secretion. This, in turn, relieves swelling from the gland. After that, urination improves by itself.

Sometimes a man continues to be tormented by side effects of drugs, then doctors insist on changing his lifestyle. Need to:

• Improve nutrition by focusing on vegetables and fruits;
• Provide the man with more physical activity;
• Avoid stress;
• Bring weight back to normal;
• Eliminate bad habits.

If a man adheres to the entire course of treatment and the doctor's recommendations, then the side effects of Cialis and Vigaras will disappear in 3 weeks. After about the same time, all functions of the affected organs will improve. But it is important not to stop the treatment after relief in order to consolidate the result. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction