The main methods of treatment of impotence

Inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse is recognized as the biggest problem among men. Muse ed is often associated with problems of the nervous and vascular system. But there are exceptions in the form of taking medications that can cause similar problems. Treating ed a very wide variety: drug treatment, the use of vacuum devices, massages, injections, shock wave therapy. All these methods have their positive and negative sides. Consider the most common treatments.

With ed remedies, it recommends the use of Cialis, but before taking it, it is important to undergo a medical examination, pass an ECG, and make sure that you have normal blood pressure.

Cures for ed is usually very low and is caused by insufficient blood flow to the male genital organ. A long period without an erection can lead to damage to erectile tissue. In this case, injections for ed and consisting of components that relax the smooth muscles of the penis and stimulate the blood vessels are prescribed. They are introduced into the spongy tissue of the penis, in the instructions for the injection, a scheme is often applied in order to make it easier to navigate. In this case, you can experience slight discomfort, the main thing is not to increase the dose assigned to you yourself. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction