What causes impotence?

At the doctor’s appointment, men often ask the same question: what leads to impotence? There are situations: two friends lead the same lifestyle, but over time, only one of them has problems with potency. So, sexual dysfunction is affected by:

1. External factors. These include smoking, alcoholism and the addiction to soft drugs, poor, unbalanced nutrition and daily stresses that have already become part of everyone's life. But men at a certain stage can slow down the development of impotence, ordering cialis online.

2. Internal factors. Often these are problems of a psychological nature (very unsuccessful sexual experience, internal constant fear and fear of disappointing a partner in bed). Men in such situations often order cialis online, but this does not always help. In such cases, you need to consult a specialist psychologist or psychotherapist.

3. Physiological factors. Here, experts include diseases of the heart and prostate, as well as diseases that are transmitted sexually, which the man ignored and did not treat for a long time. In this case, before making the mail order cialis, the man must undergo specialized treatment with a specialized doctor. Therefore, not always mail order cialis can help a man cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. First of all, he should find out the reason for the occurrence of impotence. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction