To what doctor to apply at sexual disorder

Treatment any causes of ed is begun with correct diagnostics. When a man runs into the problem of the absence of erection, he does not know frequently, to what specialist to apply the first of all, and he shies to go to the sexual health specialist.

According to the researches of specialists, the problems of the cardiovascular system are guilty in 30 cases of erectile dysfunction. Therefore the first doctor that needs to be visited is a cardiologist. He will measure an arteriotony, will point an electrocardiogram. If a doctor will reduce some problems with vessels (for example, cholesterol sedimentations on their walls) - it is needed to complete course treatment. An erection will be restored independently after him, without some home remedies for ed or special treatments for ed.

If a cardiologist did not find problems that would influence on potency, a man needs to visit next specialists:

- endocrinology;
- urologist;
- surgeon.

Even if these doctors did not find out reasons for the absence of erection - it is needed to go off to the sexual health specialist. After a careful inspection, he will appoint medicamental or natural cures for ed. In parallel a man can complete the course, also sent to the renewal of libido psychotherapy. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction