The interaction of alcohol and tablets for potency

Many men try to relax with alcohol before having sex. However, not everyone thinks about whether it is possible to take tablets for potency. How does Viagra interact with alcohol?
Scientists conducted experiments to find out whether it is possible to combine Viagra and alcohol, Levitra and Cialis and alcohol. During the research it was found that the fatal reaction will not occur, but:
1. If you drink alcohol first, and then Viagra, the effect of the pills may come with a delay of several hours. 2. If you first drink Viagra or Cialis, and then alcohol - this will entail an increased load on the cardiovascular system of men. Moreover, you cannot drink down Viagra alcohol.
Alcohol and Viagra should not be combined for interest or self-confidence. Moreover, you should not exceed the dosage and drink the tablet for potency again, if the first tablet did not work immediately after alcohol.
Therefore, the combination of Cialis-alcohol can significantly aggravate the pathologies of the cardiovascular system, especially interruptions in arterial pressure. Therefore, a man should not experiment with his health in order not to be a patient of the therapeutic department of the hospital after sex. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction