Are addictive pills for potency?

Among the debates about the dangers of erectile function pills, one can hear in evidence that adult film actors after some time taking levitra, Viagra, levitra can no longer have sexual intercourse without these drugs.

But Viagra, cialis, levitra have nothing to do with addiction. And the example of men working in the porn industry is not suitable for ordinary men. Actors have sex for many hours a day. Their body can not cope with such loads, and only therefore they have to take Viagra, levitra or cialis. These pills help prolong sexual intercourse and quickly return an erection, even after a full ejaculation.

Scientists have long proved that if you take cialis levitra or Viagra as directed, following the instructions, then the tablets will not cause any addiction.

In addition, a man can also take medication temporarily, and after achieving a stable and long-term erection, refuse to take it forever. levitra cialis Viagra is primarily a medicine that can help long-term. But pills can solve the problem temporarily. Men come to this method of treatment while they are treating the underlying disease that caused impotence (prostatitis). Doctors most often prescribe Viagra, cialis, or levitra. « Back To Erectile Dysfunction